1. Unless 24 hours notice is given, any lesson cancellation will be charged at your current lesson rate.
  2. The B&E Driving instructor has the right to withdraw the tuition car for the day of your driving test, if in instructor opinion the candidate is not deemed to be to the required test standard.
  3. B&E driving school cannot be responsible for lesson cancellation due mechanical or electrical breakdown, but will endeavour to find a replacement car as soon as possible.
  4. You will be supplied with your B&E driving school instructor’s phone number for all of your future communication.
  5. If you have a complain that cannot be dealt with directly through your instructor then please contact B&E driving school and your complaint will be dealt with in the strictest confidence within 14 days.
  6. B&E driving school instructors will abide by equal opportunity policy and will not discriminate against Race, Colour, Creed, Sex Orientation or Gender etc.
  7. B&E driving school will provide the pupil with a dual controlled car in a clean roadworthy and tidy condition.
  8. All B&E driving instructors will present themselves in a professional manner and of smart appearance.
  9. B&E driving school has a strict no smoking policy.
  10. The candidate should pay for driving lesson before the lesson or in advance.
  11. If the B&E driving school car is booked for practical test against an agreed fee if the test cancelled by DSA the fee isn’t refundable.
  12. As soon as your details (driving licence number, name) entered in Progress Record it means you accepted our term and condition.  Please make sure to read the term & condition before filling your details or sign.
  13. If you want to book B&E DRIVING SCHOOL car for your practical test, please  book the car and confirm the date and time as soon as possible.  Please be aware late bookings sometimes not possible.
  14. If the test cancelled because of mechanical or electrical breakdown the test fee wouldn’t be refundable. 

What People Say

I had wasted 30 lessons with my 1st instructor who taught me nothing. Then I saw B and E driving school car and made a call. I am so glad that I did. Sayeed taught me everything I know. He is the best. Can’t recommend enough..


Amazing instructor, passed my driving test with 2 minor faults in 2 months! I really recommend b&e driving school


Sayeed is a brilliant and patient driving instructor he has helped me pass first time and helped my 3 other siblings pass he takes his time to help you and correct things you get wrong when driving I’ll strongly recommend him to anyone that’s looking for a great driving instructor!